The Scotch Snap: Rehab, one billion hits, DJ Shadow and dueling banjos

This week we make vague threats to Linkin Park and discover that Mumford and Sons think that you've got a pretty mouth.

We take a look at new releases by Ultrasound and DJ Shadow, and also uncover Dappy's mysteriously short legs. Either that or he's got too small for his britches, and we always thought the opposite was true.

Releases - Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait (from the album Babel, out now); DJ Shadow and Terry Reid - Listen (out now); Dappy - Good Intentions (out now); Ultrasound - Play for Today (from the album Play for Today, out now); Dolphinz - Teenage Doom (Dolphinz appear on Song, By Toad's Split 12 Inch, which you can buy here.

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