Keane fans left Disconnected after haunted house tour at Holmwood House

Keane fans were in for a rather chilling treat earlier this week, when they were invited to a haunted house event to celebrate the release of the band’s new single Disconnected.

A group of 60 lucky competition winners were invited to the stunning villa situated in Glasgow’s southside in a special event set up to recreate the horror-movie feel of the music video for the single.

Keane drummer Richard Hughes explained a little more about it. He said: “We’re at Holmwood House in Glasgow and we’re doing a bit of a haunted house event that is inspired by the video for Disconnected which is basically a six minute horror film set in a very creepy house.

“It’s pretty creepy, some friends of ours have put together this quite intricate story of murders and strange goings on.”

The fans were ushered into Holmwood, where they were met by a group of actors who were tasked with retelling the dark and dangerous tale that was featured in the band’s actual music video, which was shot in a macabre building in Barcelona.

Richard explained: “Some competition winners are getting shown around the house and as they go round it becomes apparent it’s pretty weird and creepy - and it should freak them out a little bit.

“And we’ll finish them off with some of our music!”

Lead singer Tom Chaplin added: “The [official music] video idea for it was the brainchild of a guy called JA Bayona and Sergio G. Sanchez, they’re film writers and directors and they did a film called The Orphanage a few yeas ago which I’m sure many people remember, it was a very creepy film.

“So I think they thought Disconnected has that creepiness, so it would be nice to do something [like this].”

Fans in Scotland can catch Keane live when they come to Edinburgh on Monday 19 November, when the band play the Edinburgh Usher Hall.

Check out the video in the player above to see the haunted tale being played out in more detail – and for some shots of the band’s exclusive intimate gig.

Disconnected is being released on October 8 this year, from the number one album Strangeland. Also check out the music video for the single on YouTube.

With thanks to and Clyde 1, Forth One, Radio Borders, West FM, Tay FM and Northsound 1 for footage from Keane’s intimate gig at Holmwood House.

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