The Scotch Snap: Chris Brown's thoughts, Kid Koala and BMI

Sometimes there are things in life that just go beyond stupid. These are things that are just so ridiculous you need a hose to get adequate scorn because pouring isn't enough.

Chris Brown is one of these things.

Also, we ask how long a band can keep writing songs about the thrill of being a teenager when they're into their fifth decade, compare Carly Rae Jepsen to Miles Davis and debate whether sharks are fish or mammals (they're fish, we checked).

Oh and, Colombo voice, one last thing. There's a bit of fruity language in the Green Day video. They're not called punks for nothing y'know. Anything Johnny Rotten can do, an' all.

New releases: Green Day - Kill the DJ (from the album Uno, out September 24); Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (from Kiss, out now); Kid Koala - 8 Bit Blues (from the album 12 Bit Blues, out now); Cuddly Shark - Body Mass Index (from the BMI EP, out October 8).

One other note, you can download the title track from Cuddly Shark's BMI EP for free over here

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