The Scotch Snap: Chavril, nudity, scorn and the Unwinding Hours

It's all too easy to take a shot at Avril Lavigne and That Guy From Nickelback. But that's no reason to lay off them, is it?

Equally, some bands make it easy to put them down, but you've got to take the easy targets to keep your score up.

On the new releases front, we've got a look at two absolute stinkers this week, but fortunately we've got two of the best from this year. It just about balances out.

Reviews this week

Scouting for Girls - Summertime in the City (out now); Fazer - Killer (out now); JJ Doom - Guv'nor (from the album Key to the Cuffs, out now); Dinosaur Jnr - Watch the Corners (out now); The Unwinding Hours - Wayward (from the album Afterlives, out now)

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