The Scotch Snap: Fred Durst, We are the Physics and salty tears

For the first time in our brief Scotch Snap existence, we were a wee bit earnest. Don't worry, it didn't last long.

We quickly moved on to Fred Durst's career options, proper sacrilege and Aiden Grimshaw's Bauhaus influenced new direction.

There's also a look at new music by Yeasayer and a thoroughly stupendous new single from We are the Physics, which sounds like an Ed Wood tribute to The Futureheads. Lovely.

Musical note: A Scotch Snap is a feature of Scottish music, particularly in Scottish Country dancing. We could explain what it is a little bit further, but (i) you are on the internet, do your own research, (ii) it's not really relevant as it was meant to be a punchy title and has no real link to what you've just seen, (iii) is difficult to describe anyway. So there.

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We played: Aiden Grimshaw - Curtain Call (from the album Misty Eye, out now); Yeasayer - LONGEVITY (out now); Devlin featuring Ed Sheeran - Watchtower (out now); We are the Physics - Applied Robotics (out now).

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