The Unwinding Hours marks change of pace for ex-Aereogramme men

Formed by two members of Aereogramme - who remain one of Scotland’s most ever underappreciated bands - The Unwinding Hours consolidates many of the strengths of their previous outfit while broadening their palette, perhaps in the process becoming less visceral and more melancholic.

Their self-titled debut album was released last week on famed Scottish indie label Chemikal Underground and has already gained some excellent reviews. Now Craig B and Iain Cook are tonight performing their first headlining gig at Stereo in Glasgow, with anticipation for the show high among fans new and old, and tickets almost sold out.

Talking to Craig it’s clear that he’s intentionally attempted to eschew many of elements of being in a band that saw Aereogramme brought to a painful end. After they dissolved in 2007 he took a complete break for writing music to the extent of not even picking up his guitar.

However, when he did eventually start song-writing again he turned to friend, former band-mate, producer and multi-instrumentalist Iain, and eventually their project turned into The Unwinding Hours.

Craig said: “Well it was really lovely the way it happened, because there was a few songs that we just kept on working on and became much bigger, and we realised we had something other than just demos.

“We actually had something substantial and worthy of putting out, because the thing that was always at the back of my head was that if I was going to do something else, it needed to be something that I felt as passionate about as I felt with Aereogramme, because there wasn’t any point in doing something half-arsed.

“So basically it felt exciting again, it felt extremely enjoyable to keep writing these songs. Then you realise you can do more with it, so we just wrote the whole album.”

He also went on in the video interview to talk about the more relaxed pace of writing the album without any deadlines, or the requirement to tour and promote their band - and the fact that they have “no desire to chase after these things”.

Craig contrasted that with his time in Aereogramme: “There was always a desperate need to never miss an opportunity, so you would always say yes to absolutely anything, we would support anyone anywhere! I’m not entirely sure it was the best thing to do sometimes.”

In the first part of the video interview above the front man talks more about choosing to do things at the right time with “a little more zen”, and how Aereogramme sat in a “no man’s land” where they were “too heavy for some people, and not heavy enough for other people”.

In the second part of our interview Craig talks more about The Unwinding Hours, the prospect of playing their first headlining show at Stereo tonight and their plans for the future.

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