Pixar chief John Lasseter reveals his love of Brave Scotland

Pixar chief John Lasseter has revealed how his love of Scotland influenced his decision when making new animated film Brave.

The award-winning film director fell in love with the country several years ago, and he was keen to make a Scottish film which would be authentic and stay true to Scotland’s traditions and way of life.

“I love the people in Scotland,” he said. “They are unique in the world and have this amazing sense of life and sense of humour and the way they look at the world is amazing. They are such great storytellers.

“We had two research trips and I really believe in research as it’s about getting it right, and that’s why we for Scottish actors and actresses. Kelly Macdonald [who plays Merida] is fantastic and we encouraged her to use Scottish slang as it’s about making it authentic.”

Brave is set in medieval Scotland and tells the tale of Merida, a skilled archer who defies an age-old custom and manages to unleash chaos and fury on her kingdom.

Turning to an eccentric witch for help, she is granted an ill-fated wish, and when a horrible curse threatens to ruin her realm, she is forced to discover the meaning of true bravery before it’s too late.

Brave is the first Pixar film that has had a female main character, and it is also the studio’s first historically set movie, so everything about it is unique, and John is hoping that Scottish audiences will like it.

“I was noticing that most Hollywood studios had turned their back on sincere fairytale fantasy films, so we wanted to do one and do it differently,” John said.

“There’s a level of complexity we had to achieve on screen as there’s a sense of history for everything you see, and it was important for me to have audiences in Scotland looking at this and saying that we got this right.”

Brave is showing in cinemas throughout Scotland now.


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