Cillian Murphy reveals paranormal mysteries behind Red Lights

For his last film Buried director Rodrigo Cortes had a man trapped in a box for an hour and a half.

In his latest film, Red Lights, he plays more tricks on the mind - this time delving into the world of paranormal activity.

Hollywood A-lister Sigourney Weaver plays psychologist Margaret Matheson, who aided by her assistant Tom Bukley (Cillian Murphy) study paranormal activity.

When world renowned psychic Simon Silver (Robert De Niro) decides to end his hiatus and begins holding seminars again, both Matheson and Bukley put their own lives at risk in order to investigate the truth behind his practise.

For Cillian Murphy (In Time, Inception) working with a creative and relatively new director was a very collaborative process.

Murphy said of Cortes: "He's amazing and like a great command of the vernacular of cinema, for someone who's only made, you know this is his third film.

"He writes, directs and edits it, and his vision is, I mean he had every frame of that film in his head before he shot it.

“When you have someone with such a clear vision you can really begin to explore things and there's a great collaboration between the two of us in terms of making that character real, and giving them real emotions and taking them on a journey."

Murphy did a lot of research into the subject of paranormal activity but says it didn't change his views on the matter.

He said: "I don't believe at all, no, I'd be very much in the sceptic camp, but I did [research], it's a fascinating field and I read a lot about it.

“It's endless and I actually read a lot about it when I was in the States and I went to Vegas and I saw a couple of shows, it's a billion dollar industry over there and people are obsessed and people will just throw money at this stuff.

“The need for people to believe is what really intrigued me and I think that's explored in the film."

A film wouldn't be a thriller film without the crucial fight scene, and with Red Lights at its climax, there's a rather brutal encounter in a bathroom.

"I like that fight scene a lot," says Murphy. "That was the last thing we did in Barcelona, I remember. We spent two days on that, it was like .. there's a lot of choreography, and if you work with those really good stunt guys you can really throw yourself around without hurting yourself too much and I did most of that myself, with the stunt guys.

“It's great, I love a bit of that."

And he's taking all his bruises and scratches in his stride too.

He added: “Ah, yeah, but they’re kind of like badges of honor, you know, you feel good about that stuff.”

  • Red Lights is now out in UK cinemas

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