Noomi Rapace reveals to STV she was ‘so afraid’ that being offered Prometheus lead role was just a dream

In Prometheus a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe.

In the lead role of scientist Elizabeth Shaw is Swedish actress Noomi Rapace – known to audiences here for her take on Lisbeth Salanderin the Swedish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and also from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

So how was it getting a call from the legendary Ridley Scott to star in perhaps the most widely anticipated movie of 2012, with the director returning to sci-fi – and delivering what may (or may not) be a prequel to his seminal Alien.

Speaking to STV’s Grant Lauchlan for the Prometheus Moviejuice Special, Noomi laughed: “I actually didn’t get a call from him.

“I already knew him a little bit when he said ‘I want you to play the female lead in my next movie.

“I was so afraid that I was dreaming, and that I was going to wake up and realise that I was in my bed in Stockholm, and it was all just a beautiful dream.”

Even then she explains that she had no idea it was going to be Prometheus, one of the most anticipated films in years.

“It was called the prequel to Alien at that time, so I knew that it was new Alien movie, and his first sci-fi movie in many many years.

“But I didn’t read a script until in November or September [2010], so it was two months where I made the whole story in my head, about what it could be. I really had no idea.”

And when she finally read it, she explained: “I was completely blown away. It was not at all what I expected.

“I thought it was going to be more of a clean, sci-fi movie. But there’s so many layers in it, it brings up so many big questions about life and about us, human beings, who we are and what we came from, and what’s the purpose of life.”

Noomi also told us more about the amazing sets that were used – meaning that she only used green screen about five times, saying that it felt like “I was on another planet”.

Of her character she said: “She’s a believer, she’s full of hope, full of faith. She believes in God but she’s a scientist and an archaeologist. She’s extremely intelligent.

“I think she’s very driven, and very passionate and very stubborn. So that when she decides to do something nothing can stop her. She will go all the way, and nothing can hold her back.”

To find out more about what Noomi had to say about Shaw – and what one word she would use to describe the movie, watch the rest of the interview above!


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