Michael Fassbender tells STV about locating his ‘own little kink’ for Prometheus

Prometheus is perhaps the most widely anticipated movie of 2012, as director Ridley Scott returns to sci-fi – and delivers what may (or may not) be a prequel to his seminal Alien.

In the film a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe.

Michael Fassbender stars as David, an android sent along for the mission. So how did he adjust to playing a robot?

Speaking to STV’s Grant Lauchlan for the Prometheus Moviejuice Special, Michael told us: “There were elements where I wanted to take on a certain physicality, obviously.

“I don’t know any robots, so I could only draw from things that I thought would be programmed, seeing that he’s programmed by human beings. How would they want him programmed? I think quite a subservient character.

“But because they’re being packaged and sold there’s many Davids being sold on, and each of them probably has their own little kink. That way it was fun to play around with a personality that would be more identifiable as a human being.”

He also spoke about how he decided upon his movements as an android, including being influenced by diver Greg Louganis.

How was it taking the call from famous director Ridley Scott?

“I had the opportunity to meet Ridley maybe a year or two years before. He saw Hunger and said that he’d like to work with me one day. That was already a very educational discussion, just listening to his experience.

“So yeah, when you get the opportunity to work with him, you take it, because there’s so much you can learn from the man – as a man as well as a professional, actually. His experience is intense and his intelligence, in terms of the art world and everything else – he’s very well read. It was an amazing opportunity to jump at.”

The actor then talked to Grant about the unique selling point of Prometheus, as opposed to Alien from which is apparently acts as something of a prequel.

He also talked about the strong female characters in the movie – and revealed whether or not he believes in alien life. Watch the interview above to find out more...

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