The STV Trailer Park: with Lockout, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Gone and Storage 24

Just to put it out there: Guy Pearce is a damned fine actor. He’s one of those Aussie types who flirted with A-list stardom, but appeared almost too intelligent to be reigned into appearances in mindless action blockbusters – instead being at his best in striking, idiosyncratic and rather stunning films such as The Proposition, Memento and L.A. Confidential.

After a quiet period the past couple of years have seen some great performances in the superb Animal Kingdom, The Road and The King's Speech, and this Friday’s Lockout seems to have him in top form as a wisecracking convict offered a chance at freedom if he can single-handedly rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison.

Obviously owing a huge debt to Escape from New York, the action movie appears to have its tongue firmly in its cheek, with Pearce gamely following on in the footsteps of Kurt Russell. Whether or not the snarky quip ratio can match that of the trailer remains to be seen, but Pearce will surely do his best. (Release date: Friday)

A Fantastic Fear of Everything stars Simon Pegg, and is written and co-directed by the frontman of Kula Shaker (aka Crispian Mills ). However much I might like to go into far more detail about that “govinda jaya” angle, (un)fortunately the film looks far too interesting to smear it by association with any dodgy 90s indie rock.

As an author who seems to be having something of a breakdown, this looks highly imaginative and potentially hugely entertaining – plus Pegg looks on the best form he’s been for a while. (Release date: June 8)

Another movie out this weekend, Gone sees Amanda Seyfried chasing after the guy who abducted his sister – with the police unwilling to lend their help. Thrills and spills ought to follow, judging by the trailer, and perhaps a twist or two. Perhaps Seyfriend is also the sister, and she’s abducted herself, but it turns out she’s been dead all along? Just a thought. (Release date: Friday)

Storage 24 comes from Noel Clarke, and with any luck might be another quality London-based sci-fi flick to follow in the assured footsteps of Attack the Block. This seems to have more of an Alien vibe, except with added Dubstep, because it is 2012 and all. (Release date: June 29)

“Dear mom, I’ve been under a lot of stress at work,” narrates Mel Gibson’s character at the start of the trailer for How I Spent My Summer Vacation, and you feel the actor can likely empathise. Putting aside any judgements about Gibson’s recent behaviour, this looks as though it could be a fun, colourful romp. Will there be an audience still willing to see him in a headline role though?  (Release date: June 29)

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