Minnie Driver is Hunky Dory in new musical movie

Hunky Dory is a feel-good musical set in Wales during the heat of the summer of 1976. The film sees enthusiastic drama teacher Vivienne, played by Minnie Driver, fighting teenage apathy to put on an end of year version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, complete with music and flamboyant costumes.

Filled with hits of the 1970s, the film introduces a fresh young cast, including rising stars Aneurin Barnard and Danielle Branch.

Speaking about the plot of the film, producer Marc Evans said: “The film’s about teenage life really and that last summer at school.

“Obviously everybody’s last summer at school is different for them, happy, painful or otherwise, so we picked 1976 as it was the hottest summer ever, and it just so happens to be my last summer at school, so I was in quite a good position to judge what that felt like.”

British actress Minnie Driver was first choice to play the part of Vivienne, and Marc has revealed that he doesn’t know who they would have cast if she had turned down the part.

“She can sing and can do accents brilliantly, and she also does the proper stuff that helps with the character,” Marc explained. “She can do Welsh on the outside and do Welsh on the inside as well.”

Although Minnie was thrilled to be part of the movie, she would disagree with Marc’s comments that she can sing as all of her singing parts were cut out!

She laughed: “It was for all good and noble reasons that my singing was cut out, because it was rubbish.

“Being around all that music was just heavenly though, and listening to Aneurin and Danielle sing was magic.”

Hunky Dory has drawn comparisons to American television show Glee, but Marc was quick to point out the differences between the two.

“We were more interested in the rehearsal and the music and how kids engage, especially kids who are teenagers because they are often in their own heads,” he explained.


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