Welsh movie about a musical Hunky Dory is gleeful even for those who don’t like Glee

Hunky Dory is set in Wales in the summer of 1976, and sees a keen drama teacher Vivienne (Minnie Driver) fighting the sweltering heat and general teenage apathy to put on an end of year musical.

Presenter Grant Lauchlan was joined in the Moviejuice studios for this week’s reviews by film critics Janice Forsyth and Graeme Virtue.

Grant described the movie thusly: “It’s Grange Hill meets Glee, is it not?”

Graeme said: “It was sold to me as Glee but with more leeks.

"I didn’t know that much about this film going into it, but I have to say that I was absolutely charmed by it.

“I’ve been to Wales, I went there once and it rained the whole time, but in this film – the summer of 1976 – it looks absolutely gorgeous, there’s a real golden tinge to the whole movie.

“It reminded me of American Graffiti, or coming-of-age movies like that.”

Janice added: “I didn’t know much about it other than the basic premise of Minnie Driver as the inspiring teacher, leading up to the end-of-term the musical – and I thought,oh, I’m going to hate this.

“But somehow all the component parts come together beautifully, the cast of children are really engaging without being clichéd, Minnie Driver turns in a terrific performance, and I think having the backdrop of 1976 – it’s so unusual to see Britain or Wales bathed in this sunlight – is lovely.

“That relaxed vibe somehow works throughout the film, and infects us and the audience too.”

So what did they give the movie out of five? Tune into Moviejuice tonight at 8pm to find out with the full review, or catch up on the STV player afterwards.

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