Coriolanus: Does Shakespeare really work in a flak jacket?

A stage: Gerry is muscular in film
A stage: Gerry is muscular in film

Coriolanus stars Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler in a modern-day version of the Shakespeare tragedy. The story tells of a revered and feared Roman General who seeks revenge on the city of Rome.

For the reviews this week Moviejuice presenter Grant Lauchlan has been joined by presenter and journaliast Janice Forsyth and film critic for the Scotsman, Alistair Harkness.

The critics have to brush away the double difficulties of tackling Shakespeare and the action-movie element before having a proper look at the film.

Janice had high hopes for star Gerard Butler. “I want him to be great, but he’s like a big plank of wood – a big lovely looking, well-muscled plank of wood. I want to love him, it’s a shame for him.”

Janice’s disappointment aside, Grant seems happier with the end result. “It does work – you get sucked in.”

And Alistair feels that Butler’s physical presence is what the film needed to make the action aspects work.

“He’s made a terrific film - very immediate with lots of resonances for right now which is quite something,” added Janice.

To find out what else the trio had to say - and what they gave the film out of five, tune into Moviejuice on STV tonight at 8pm.


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