Jackson Rathbone tells STV about Twilight jamming sessions with fellow cast members

Touring in Scotland with his band 100 Monkeys, Twilight star Jackson Rathbone has talked about how he’d perform with other members of the cast when the movies were being made.

Rathbone stars as Jasper Hale in the hugely successful series, but as well as being an actor he performs with group 100 Monkeys, who played to a packed King Tuts audience in Glasgow on Tuesday night.

As a guitarist and singer he shares a skill set with fellow Twilight star Robert Pattinson, who famously had a song on the first movie’s soundtrack.

So have Jackson and Rob performed together when off the set?

Backstage before the Scottish show, Jackson told us: “Yeah, we’ve jammed with several other of the cast of Twilight.

“They’re all just amazing musicians and artists in their own right, so they’re fun to play with.”

So will he miss Twilight now that it’s gone? He explained: “I miss my friends that I’ve made over the years with that project, but it’s nice to say goodbye and to move on to new things.

“It was a wonderful, rewarding experience for me as an entertainer.”

Not that the multitalented actor and musician minds have a bit more free time on his hands.

Jackson explained: “There’s more time in the day nowadays to do a lot of things. After our two-month US tour I didn’t do anything but stay in bed for a week.

“I was just so exhausted from everything over the past five years. I had one week off, and I was like ‘Oh, wow,’ I’m just going to stay in bed and watch movies.”

When we mentioned that we’d talked to Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner last month about Breaking Dawn but not him, he joked: “I was probably drinking some Scotch, though, so thinking of y’all...”


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