Twilight Breaking Dawn: Taylor Lautner talks fighting with Robert Pattinson

Twilight’s Edward Cullen and Jacob Black aren’t exactly best buds in the movies, and Twihard fans constantly have the debate of whether to sit on Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Now Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob in the vampire movies, has revealed who he thinks would win a fight if the situation came to blows.

Speaking to STV’s Grant Lauchlan about the latest instalment in the saga, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Taylor said: “If we were both in human form I’d be honest, Edward could take Jacob.

He added: “But if I can transform into a wolf then it’s not even a competition.”

That’s that cleared up then!

The star also revealed how he keeps his body so buff for playing the part of werewolf Jacob.

“It’s a lot of work and what surprised me is of course you have to work out and keep at it, but just as important is the eating, so that was probably the toughest for me.”

Meanwhile, Taylor has admitted that Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One is his favourite film of the series “by far”.  

”This film is by far my favourite, it is different to the other ones, it’s much more mature, the tone is completely different,” the 19-year-old actor explained.

“It starts out really happy, really magical and beautiful, and it’s exciting to watch. And then it quickly goes downhill from there and is a different movie.”

The latest movie sees Edward and Bella marry and start a family – something which could have catastrophic consequences for both the Cullens and the wolf pack.


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