Robert Pattinson is 'too cool for school' says Hugh Jackman

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We all know Robert Pattinson is a frustrated musician, so it will come as no surprise he is king of the karaoke.

Real Steel star Hugh Jackman has been recalling the time he hung out with R-Pattz and director Baz Luhrmann at a Japanese bar, and it seems like it was quite a night…

The actor told MTV News: "I actually did karaoke with Rob. That's random, isn't it? We were on our way to Japan, and he was promoting [Twilight] and I didn't talk to him at all on the flight, because he's this really tall guy with a hood over his head literally.

"Every time I'd go to the bathroom, I'd be like, 'Man, that guy takes some serious sleeping pills', because [he was slumped over] the whole time. When he got out, I was like, 'Hey, man', and Baz Luhrmann was also on the flight because we were promoting Australia."

Why are there never any exciting people on our flights?

Jackman continued: "So we went out to this Japanese karaoke bar, and we invited Rob, and he came. It was so much fun. Man, he's got a voice. Really soulful."

As if seeing Hugh Jackman, Baz Luhrmann and Robert Pattinson belting out I Will Survive wouldn’t be bizarre (and exciting) enough, Jackman and Luhrmann went along in fancy dress – as you do.

Robert drew the line at dressing up as he “was too cool for school”, according to Jackman.

It’s not the first time Rob has been outed as a karaoke fan.

He is previously said to have enjoyed a singsong with Katy Perry at Dimples Supper Club in Burbank, California.


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