Matthew Lewis reveals the secrets behind his Harry Potter makeover

The premiere of the final Harry Potter film marks an end to the iconic series and symbolises a turning point for those who played the Hogwarts students over the last decade.

As the likes of Harry, Ron and Hermoine grew and matured, so did the actors – an interesting parallel which has gripped the worldwide Harry Potter fan-base…and caused a fair few problems for actor Matthew Lewis.

Playing the loveable Neville Longbottom over the last decade, Matthew revealed how his characters distinguishing chubby cheeks and plump posture were retained as he went through a teen growth spurt.

I had to wear a fat suit for a long time which was hard work, I had false teeth and I had these bits of plastic to stick my ears out.

“They made all my clothes too big, my shoes were two sizes too big!”

Neville plays a pivotal role in many of the films and was continually surprising people with the courage which lurked beneath his demure front.

“He always seems to come in at the right time, providing the gillyweed for Harry in number four, standing up against him in number one, being in the Ministry of Magic in number five. He always seems to step up with a little something.

“This year, he really does save the day – he suddenly changes from this shy, vulnerable, easily bullied character to a leader.

“Nobody pushes him around any more, he is in charge and he is leading these students.”

He added: “I think over the years he has hardened up, he has become a seasoned veteran of this situation and he becomes a bit of a hero at the end.”


Like his co-stars Rupert Grint, Tom Felton and Emma Watson, Matthew is sad to be leaving behind the Harry Potter bubble which he has grown up in but says he is still “excited” about where his future will lead him.

Recollecting the last day of filming, he said: “It was a real feeling of ambivalence because I was sad it was coming to an end because it was something I loved doing for 10 years but at the same time, there is an excitement for the first time of not knowing what I am going to do next.

“It is kind of cool, I don’t know where I am going to be in 12 months time…It is a really exciting period for me.”

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