Superhero movies 'will reach saturation point', but Millar predicts good years ahead

Superhero movies will reach a saturation point in about another five years, according to world-renowned comic book writer Mark Millar, before rebooting with a whole new generation of talent. Speaking to, the Kick-Ass author explained his thoughts about the future of superhero movies.

“People have been asking about the ‘saturation point’ of superhero movies now, really, since 2003. Because normally these things just came in little bursts. You maybe had a movie, some imitators, and then it fizzled out. Superman and Batman had his imitators like the Shadow and Phantom and those kind of movies back in the early 90s. And it was always A-list, B-list and then fizzling out.

“What’s happened this time is it’s been really, really wide and for the first time has attracted in A+ list directors, the best of the best coming in. So the quality quotient is enormously high.

“The movies are making more and more money. Dark Knight made more than twice what Batman Begins made, and Dark Knight Rises is on track to make over a billion dollars as well, I’d imagine. So they’ll keep making them as long as they keep making money.”

Looking ahead to the coming years it’s easy to see that Millar isn’t wrong. Thor, The Green Lantern, Captain America and The Avengers are to be released, no doubt working their magic on a new generation of fans.

Old favourites X-Men, Transformers, Spiderman, Batman and Superman are also all due to see sequels or revamped versions released in the coming years.

Millar himself was shocked by just how many superhero movies are due for release and for him it’s only a matter of time before it all comes to an end.

“I’ve always said 2015 is when it’ll start to fizzle out, because the biggest ones are yet to come. Next year you have all the Marvel franchises coming together in one movie, called The Avengers, and it’s directed by a great guy, Joss Whedon

“You’re going to have Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, all in one film. You’re going to have the sequel to the Dark Knight and the reboot to the Spiderman franchise done by an amazing team. So this year looks great but next year’s huge and then Zack Schneider revamping Superman at the end of the year.

“But where I think it’s going to be difficult is once you’ve done that thing of putting all those characters in one film… you know, it’s like having Harry Potter, James Bond and Spiderman all in one movie. I think what’ll be difficult then is to try and top that because people want to see it get bigger.

“So I anticipate things starting to slow down round about 2014 and 2015. I think that’s when it will really start to flat line a bit and we’re going to see our first failures.”

But don’t worry. After a five year gap, Millar is confident that a new generation of directors will come in and reboot superhero movies once more.

“Nobody is going to stop making novels into movies,” he explained. “It’s just transferring something from one medium to another. That can’t possibly go out of style.”


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