Lars Ulrich talks at Cannes about Metallica Through the Never

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was at the Cannes Film Festival at the weekend to promote the band's upcoming movie Metallica Through the Never.

And according to the heavy-metallist, his experience at the festival isn't entirely what he expected.

"Most people have a romantic notion of Cannes," said Ulrich. "There is a lot of work that goes on here.

“I was a little bit unprepared; basically, the whole infrastructure of worldwide cinema and the movie business is here.

“People have a tendency to think that is just red carpet and movie stars and sipping champagne but people come here to work. People come here to sell there films, people come here to finance their films, people come here to create hype, exactly like what I am sitting here talking to you

“So it's been a pretty intense and crazy couple of days. I love it but the pace is pretty frenetic I can tell you that."

The film he is working so hard to promote has been made in 3D and will be show at IMAX theatres.

"Well the best thing about having a Metallica movie in iMax is that I finally have the chance to be 50 feet tall, so I am looking very much forward to that," he joked.

More than just a concert movie, the film that mixes music footage with a dramatic narrative and CGI, which Ulrich says makes it different to any band documents that have gone before.

Directed by Nimrod Antal and released by Picturehouse, the film stars young Chronicle actor Dane DeHann as a member of Metallica's concert tour crew who's sent on a special mission by the band. The movie follows two parallel story lines - DeHaan's scripted narrative and the band's concert – which intertwine throughout.

"We wanted to challenge ourselves a little bit and try and do something different and try and bring a little bit more of a film element in to it, a cinematic element to it and I think we have done that," explained Ulrich.

"Whether anybody loves the film as much as we do we'll have to wait and see in a few months, but the one thing I can guarantee you, which there is no question about, is that it is a very unique film. Nobody has ever seen a film quite like this."

  • Metallica Through the Never is scheduled for release in the US on September 27.

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