Robert Downey Jr and Iron Man 3 cast hit Hollywood premiere

Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the Iron Man 3 cast hit Hollywood Boulevard for the Los Angeles premiere this year of the summer's first blockbuster.

Downey was joined by his wife and producing partner Susan Downey, and was already looking beyond life as a superhero.

"I mean there's such goodwill for the whole thing. It's just trippy to me when people outstay their welcome," he said.

"But I do have a producing partner here that I trust very much. We produced such epics as Sherlock Holmes, a 14-month-old boy. We're kind of batting 1000 right now."

Downey acknowledged his natty fashion sense, telling reporters it's been a priority as soon as he could afford nice suits.

"From the moment I started making more than 40 bucks a week, I spent it on clothes. I have nothing else to add," he said.

Ben Kingsley plays the villain Mandarin, blamed in the movie for a string of bombings including one at the Chinese Theatre just across from where the premiere was taking place.

But Kingsley had a more personal connection to the location. "I think I'm standing on my star," the Oscar-winning British actor said. "I know it's very near here, which is amazing.

“It was such a thrilling day when my star was put on this walk. And now here I am, on the red carpet with this great movie. It's very exciting."

Don Cheadle, who plays Col Jim Rhodes and War Machine, said he hoped the positive early reviews would hold up as the movie plays around the world.

"Yeah, yeah, it's kind of cool. Audiences are always coming out in such a big way to support us and we're very fortunate. Hopefully everything lives up to the hype," Cheadle said.

Iron Man 3 acknowledges what its lead character went through in last summer's box office record-setting, massive hit "Avengers." And writer-director Joss Whedon confirmed that he expects Downey to appear in the "Avengers" sequel.

"What Tony (Stark) is going through now in this movie feeds very well into what I'm going to do with him in The Avengers," Whedon said.

In the new movie, Downey's Tony Stark character is stripped of his suit's powers and his technology and must recover using his own strength and wits. It's in some ways similar to Downey's own recovery from addiction and other troubles earlier in his career, according to director Shane Black.

He explained: "Robert's journey and Tony's journey sometimes seem a little blurry. Because they're both sort of genius entrepreneurs in a way who have a self-destructive side maybe, but in a sense that Robert has come to terms with," Black said. "Robert is looking back a little bit and saying here is this tormented version of me that I may have been more familiar with a few years back, and that's Tony Stark."

Meanwhile, Guy Pearce said he'd been welcoming former Twilight star Robert Pattinson to Australia for a film called The Rover. Click on the video above to find out loads more from all the cast!

Iron Man 3 is now out in the UK and other parts of the world, and out in the US on May 3.

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