Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode attend Stoker UK premiere

Nicole Kidman was all coy about her Oscar favourites at the London screening of her new thriller Stoker on Sunday.

Having become an Academy member after her 2003 win for drama The Hours, Kidman is one of the thousands of voters on the film competition, but she's keeping tight-lipped about her choices – apart from one clue.

"I've seen pretty much everything and I'm in the process of voting right now so. You're not allowed to say but I also have one of my best friends nominated so there we go, there's a hint," she said.

The friend in question in of course fellow Australian, Naomi Watts, who's been nominated for Best Actress for her part in The Impossible.

Stoker co-star Mia Wasikowska declared that her favourite film of the year was the Austrian drama Amour, when asked about her favourites for the Academy Awards.

The two play a mother and daughter (Evelyn and India Stoker) whose fraught relationship becomes even worse after the death of their husband and father and the arrival of his mysterious brother Charlie.

Charlie, played by Matthew Goode, shows up unexpectedly at the funeral and moves into the house with the two women, with vague romantic designs on his niece and sister-in-law.

Goode says that being on a small set surrounded mostly by women felt exactly like being home.

"It's like another day at home, me and my daughter and my wife,” he explained. “Yeah I love it, I mean also they're – taking out their sex - they're just brilliant actors, which is just fantastic.”

The shooting location was in a grand Southern house close to Kidman's home turf, Nashville, Tennessee where she lives with her husband Keith Urban and their two daughters.

Having a film so close to home meant that she got to show her co-stars around and have play dates.

She added: "Matthew also has a little girl so our kids played together and we had parties and stuff like that, but it was nice that they all came down there and I think that the setting actually, Tennessee was perfect for this kind of film – even though director Park didn't want it to be defined as southern.

“It's obviously something that's just timeless."

  • Stoker opens in UK cinemas on March 1.