Jennifer Lynch revealed why she felt Chained to tackle new horror

The latest horror from director Jennifer Lynch may just make you think twice before getting into a cab.

Chained stars Vincent D'Onofrio as a serial killing cab driver called Bob, who picks up a fare only to murder the unsuspecting mother and abduct her son.

The poor boy is then chained up for 10 years and made to clean up the bodies of the women the driver brings home to kill.

For Lynch, who's other credits include Surveillance and Girls, Girls, Girls, who is a long time D'Onofrio fan, there was only one person she wanted for the starring role.

When asked how she'd describe D'Onofrio's Bob, Lynch admitted that is hard to do: "He's from anywhere America, so I didn't want to place his accent, but his body's heavy on his bones and he's taller than he feels inside.”

And for the role, D'Onofrio took some extra steps to make sure he got into character.

Jennifer, who is the daughter of Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive director David Lynch, explained: "He showed up on set and had had his dentist make him a piece for the roof of his mouth, so that he had to be very careful about how he spoke. There was a subtle lisp to it.

“Yeah, Vincent likes to show up with a little bit of a secret, and I love him for that."

Although violent in places, Lynch says she was careful not to show too much and wanted to leave some scenes up to the audience's own imagination.

"I chose not to show anymore violence than I do because I think, audiences are smart, and tonally you can tell that it's a situation of pain, I don't think it needed to be shown I think that tends to insult audiences and oversimplify the terror,” she reasoned. “Not knowing what happens outside of the frame or between scenes is what scares me."

  • Chained is on limited release in UK cinemas from February 1. It will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 4th February.

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