Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike discuss their Jack Reacher 'chemistry'

Hollywood star Tom Cruise, British actress Rosamund Pike and director Christopher McQuarrie have brought their new action movie Jack Reacher to Seoul.

Cruise arrived in the South Korean capital late on Wednesday evening, and the three gathered on Thursday morning at the newly built Conrad Hotel to hold a press conference for the film.

Based on the novel One Shot by British writer Lee Child, Jack Reacher sees Cruise star in the title role as a mysterious ex-military investigator who ends up assisting the defence lawyer (Pike) of a former army sniper who is accused of murdering five innocent people.

While investigating the key suspect, Reacher soon realizes that not everything is what it seems.

"It was so much fun making the film," said Cruise during the press conference. "And I think the wit of the movie, the humour, wit of the film, and the character and the charm of the character was a real challenge to play, and really fun to play – with great writing from Chris McQuarrie based on the Lee Child character."

For Pike, getting to work with Cruise was a dream come true and realising they had on screen chemistry was a big bonus.

"I never thought I would say that about myself and Tom Cruise," said Pike. "I think on screen, I think there is something which was very exciting to work with."