Skyfall star Javier Bardem reveals all to STV about amazing villain role

Javier Bardem plays one of the most talked about James Bond "baddies" of recent times in 2012's amazingly successful James Bond movie Skyfall - and told Moviejuice presenter Grant Lauchlan why Raoul Silva is deliberately "uncomfortable".

"He's flamboyant and he's theatrical," he explained, "because [director Sam Mendes] told me: 'Bond villains are in the middle ground between reality and fiction so you have to combine both of them'.

"You have to be grounded so that people believe it, but at the same time you are free to go a little bit up there, because that's what people expect."

The most iconic Bond villains of the past have tended to be the most physically shocking. Dr. No's metal hand, Goldfinger's enormous size and Jaws' teeth are obvious examples, and Bardem's character is no exception. Camp and flamboyant, with a mop of blonde hair, he is a character designed to look deliberately "uncomfortable".

Bardem said: "Sam and I were working together, trying to bring this idea of uncomfortableness that he gave me… in the sense that he wants the character to create uncomfortable situations, bringing that also into the physicality. That's why we went with the hair like that."

He also revealed that the director's gruelling method of filming was very different from the normal way big-budget action movies are shot.

"Sometimes I felt like we were doing a low budget independent movie, because we were really rehearsing and trying the same scene from different angles, rather than being something more specified and written on stone," Bardem explained.

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