Skyfall producer reveals ingredients that make Daniel Craig perfect Bond

Michael G. Wilson is Hollywood royalty, having worked as a producer, writer or actor in every James Bond movie since 1979's Moonraker. Now, after the release of James Bond's highly successful 23rd adventure, Skyfall, he revealed to Moviejuice the ingredients for a perfect Bond movie.

"It's pretty difficult to pin down a formula," he told STV's Grant Lauchlan. "I think the story is at the heart of it. If it's a good story, involving some aspect of Bond, [and] puts him through a trial, then I think you've got the basic ingredient of a good Bond film.

"On top of that, I think the audience expect to see some fantastic stunts, some action, they want to have thrilling villains, beautiful women… You need those things, but you need a strong core."

Wilson first became involved with Bond in 1972, when he joined Eon Productions to work for his stepfather, producer Albert R Broccoli. Originally working as an assistant, he took his first major role in the production of the series when he worked as executive producer on Moonraker. Since then he and his stepsister Barbara Broccoli have become the driving force behind the series.

Now in its 50th year, James Bond is the longest-running movie franchise of all time, and Wilson admitted that he feels a constant pressure to maintain standards.

"The first people who made Dr No 50 years ago were a great production team and they established a very high bar that we have to live up to," he added.

"But I think, over the years, it's been the actors who've come in, taken over the role, kind of renewed it from time to time. So the films keep on progressing and changing with every actor that comes and goes, so it adds that variety to it and keeps it fresh."

Speaking about what the most recent Bond, Daniel Craig, brings to the role, he said: "He has an interpretation of the character which is tough, aggressive, but also a certain vulnerability and tenderness when it needs to be there."

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