David Tennant tells STV Moviejuice about ‘terrifying’ Nativity 2 role

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger is a unique movie, in that it was entirely improvised and shot in sequence.

The cast includes Pam Ferris, Joanna Page, Jessica Hynes and – of course – the film’s star, David Tennant.

He plays a teacher who has to juggle an irritating classroom assistant, a pregnant wife, a classroom of children and a donkey on a road trip to the National Song for Christmas competition.

Talking to STV Moviejuice’s Grant Lauchlan, Scottish star David was in great form. Was the improvised nature of it daunting?

“Terrifying,” he admitted. “But that’s why you do certain things, isn’t it? ‘I’ve never done that before, that’ll be utterly terrifying – so I’ll have a go.’”

David gets to play two characters in the film – twins. How are they different?

“One has a pair of glasses, and one doesn’t,” he joked. “And they both have subtly different Scottish accents.”

He then dazzled Grant with a plummy Scottish brogue. So, given that he’s now a family man, has Christmas changed for David now?

“I’ve always loved a merry Christmas,” he said. “It’s great, Christmas, isn’t it?”

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