Taylor Lautner speaks out about Kristen and Rob at final Twilight premiere

Taylor Lautner, who plays the werewolf Jacob, was along with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for the first showing of the much anticipated Breaking Dawn Part 2, and vowed to remain friends with both of his lead co-stars.

Fans had camped in a tent city outside the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles for five days for the opportunity to see the stars of Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the premiere on Monday.

Buffed up actor Taylor, who of course plays werewolf Jacob, explained how much he got along with the pair (who have had well publicised relationship difficulties over the past year).

"And that's an absolute miracle,” Taylor said of his connection to the pair. “We got along so well.

“But just because of the time spent, Rob and Kristen are some of my closest friends. And that's huge.”

He agrees with co-star Stewart that fans will find a way to continue Twilight.

"They'll never give up on this, Taylor said. “Even though the movies are finished, there's so many things still left.

“And our fans are unreal, so this will live on forever.”

The real-life relationship between Pattinson and Stewart has been the subject of much media attention, bringing an edge to even questions about their on-screen roles as parents of Renesmee.

Michael Sheen said he was impressed by the actors' ability to survive the media spotlight.

"For you to be in the eye of that storm when you're still very, very young – I don't know how they've managed to weather it like they have.

"The fact that they've got through it and they're here still today is amazing. I'm sure they'll sigh a big sigh of relief to be able to move on."

  • Breaking Dawn Part 2 is in the cinema from Friday.

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