Pixar shorts: as good as Toy Story and the rest

They're short, but they're very sharp. PIxar have always made short movies but they don't always get seen so widely.

John Lasseter is one of the founders and still the creative director of Pixar, now that it has reunited with Disney (where he himself began his career).

He reveals the early days of computer animation, and how people like him learned from the animators who made Disney classics from Dumbo to Fantasia.

Short films were obviously a lot easier to get started and to this day his company continues to make them to the same high standards, not least as a way for people to home their skills for the bigger movies, such as the recent Brave, set in Scotland - or at least in Pixar's version of it.

Grant Lauchlan introduces a host of brief clips highlighting this forgotten part of the Pixar empire as a Moviejuice Feature Presentation.

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