Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin and John Goodman discuss Argo

Argo is Ben Affleck's third directorial outing, where he tackles the implausible sounding true story of a CIA team sent to Tehran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

In a bid to save six US diplomats hiding out with the Canadian ambassador, CIA expert Tony Mendez, played by Affleck, decides to fake production of a Hollywood science fiction film to sneak into the country.

Speaking about the film, Affleck said: "You wouldn't imagine someone would use that idea as cover because it was so outrageous."

Co-star Alan Arkin said: "They went to enormous pains to make it look like a real production. They have costumes made, they have special effects organised."

And actor John Goodman added: "They took out ads in the trade papers, all kinds of stuff. They had a big casting session. It was deep, deep, cover."

But in order to make sure the film was as convincing as it needed to be, Affleck spent a lot of time researching the details.

He said: "I researched what it was really like there, talked to the guys who worked there, visited the CIA and talked to the director... You know, walked the halls and spent time there.

"It really mattered to me that it feel real. It wasn't super-spy guys shooting two people at once and falling out of a window. It's just real people who go to there jobs and come home, and that takes a real toll on them."

Argo is in cinemas now.

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