Daniel Craig talks to STV about Skyfall – and shooting Bond in Scotland

STV show Moviejuice returned with a James Bond special tonight – and Daniel Craig has talked to presenter Grant Lauchlan about the latest 007 movie which some critics are already hailing as the finest yet.

Skyfall is in cinemas this weekend, ending years of anticipation for Daniel Craig’s third outing as 007. Thankfully, the reviews have been glowing so far, so it looks like fans won’t be disappointed.

Grant started by asking him, did he feel the pressure to deliver something spectacular?

“You always do,” Daniel admitted. “I think probably that’s adequate pressure. But it’s a Bond movie, you’ve got to pull the stops out.”

Avoiding spoilers, what could he tell us about the plot of Skyfall?

He revealed: “Well, it doesn’t give too much away – Bond gets smashed up at the beginning, and possibly taken out.

“That might be the last of him – but that’s the great thing about James Bond, he always gets back up when he’s been knocked down.”

Of Javier Barden, who stars opposite him as the main Skyfall villain, Daniel was full of praise.

“He’s such a great actor apart from anything else, but he never forgot that he was playing a Bond villain. I think he stands up with some of the best.”

During the rest of the interview Daniel also told us about getting involved in the film’s amazing stunts, told us what makes the perfect Bond movie – and tried to sum up the film in one word.

And, with 007 returning to his family roots for Skyfall, what about filming part of the movie in Scotland in February?

“It was actually quite mild,” he said. “Wet, as usual, but it’s still one of my favourite places out there.”

  • You can see more of Daniel, plus other stars Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris all talking to Grant at stv.tv/moviejuice.

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