Sam Mendes tells Moviejuice about Skyfall and 'classy' Daniel Craig

STV show Moviejuice returns with a James Bond special tonight – and Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes has talked to presenter Grant Lauchlan all about the pressure he faced making the latest 007 movie – which some critics are already hailing as the finest yet.

Skyfall is in cinemas this weekend, ending years of anticipation for Daniel Craig’s third outing as 007. Thankfully, the reviews have been glowing so far, so it looks like fans won’t be disappointed.

Talking to Grant, Sam said of the hugely positive reviews for Skyfall: “I’m thrilled, I’m really thrilled – but I’m also quite surprised.

“Not because they’re good – that’s always lovely – but because it happened so fast. I finished it on a Wednesday, on the Friday the press were seeing it, and on the Saturday the reviews came out!

“So I didn’t have any time to even come down to land. It all feels like a little bit of a dream – but a nice dream.”

Of feeling the pressure to keep everybody happy, he continued: “I think the great danger of Bond is that you think too much about what people are going to think, and what they’re going to say, and you’ve got to stay blind as much as possible.

“I think you feel the pressure away from the set. On set you’re focussed on what you’re doing.”

Sam told Grant about his history with 007, going to see Live and Let Die when he was 10 or 11, which he loved, and how he’s had an “in-and-out relationship” with Bond ever since.

What does he think his friend Daniel Craig, who the director had previously worked with on Road to Perdition, brings to the role?

“It’s very difficult to define, even when you work with him,” Sam said.

“It’s a very odd thing that happens with Daniel and this particular part, a little bit I think like what happened between Connery and the role.

“Neither of them are Bond in terms of class. Sean was Scottish and Daniel isn’t the right class. It’s not the Bond as described by Fleming. But something happens when this particular man meets this particular part and sparks fly in interesting ways.”

The director also spoke about the protracted delay in getting the film made, as studio MGM faced financial troubles, and the importance of putting in signature “grace notes”.

  • You can see more of Sam, plus stars Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris all talking to Grant on the Moviejuice Skyfall Special on STV at 8pm tonight.

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