Scots reveal favourite James Bond – is it Daniel Craig or Sir Sean?

A new Scotpulse poll has found out who the nation’s favourite 007 is – and Pierce Brosnan, Sir Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton might want to look away...

With the new James Bond film Skyfall coming out on Friday, the online research panel sought the views of over 1000 adults in Scotland to find out who they thought was the best Bond.

And it’s little surprise that Sean Connery was way out in front, with over half of all votes (54%).

Current star Daniel Craig was second, with almost a quarter of the votes (23%), while Pierce Brosnan was third with 13% of votes.

Interestingly, Sir Sean’s appeal increased with age – over 1 in 3 (70%) of those aged over 55 picked him.

He was also more likely to be the man’s choice, picked by 61% of males and just under half (49%) of females.

As it turned out, voting was much closer with under 35s. Sean Connery got 37% of votes, Daniel Craig got 31% and Pierce Brosnan got 24%.

Sir Roger Moore got 8% of the overall vote, but spare a thought for poor Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby, who got just 1% each. Hopefully they’re not left too shaken by the news...

  • Skyfall is released this Friday in the UK.

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