Elle Fanning and Alice Englert discuss Ginger And Rosa and its Oscar buzz

Ginger and Rosa, a new drama from director Sally Potter starring Elle Fanning and Alice Englert in the title roles, tells the story of two best friends who are inseparable.

Set in the 1960s, the teenage girls become increasingly fearful of the threat of nuclear holocaust from the Cold War. At the same time, Ginger's parents' relationship falls apart.

It causes the strong bond between the two young friends to shatter. However, though the onscreen relationship had to be right, the two actresses never even met before they signed on to the movie.

Englert explained: "We tested for Sally – Elle in L.A., me in London – without her knowing whether or not we were going to be Ginger and Rosa, but she spliced together our auditions to get us to do the scene together.

“We'd done a scene together before we'd even met, and that's how she decided to cast us.”

"We had a connection and we'd never even met," laughed Fanning.

Luckily for Potter the starlets did bond, quickly becoming close friends.

"We had a three-week sort of pre-production, where we went over the script and the characters and everyone in the cast got together, and early on in that process we met for the first time," remembered Fanning.

"Sally would just have us sort of go on our own. She'd say like, 'you girls just walk around,' so we'd just walk around and get to know each other, which was a great way for us to sort of create our way of talking to each other.

“When you have best friends you have a secret code in a way, where you can read each other's minds. I mean these girls were born on the same day so they're extremely close. We had to create that."

Fanning's performance has even been gathering early Oscar buzz, but the young actress was quick to play that down.

"Well I had a fantastic time making it - all of us did - and I think that's sort of the main thing," she said. "I've created a lot of friends and so who knows."

  • Ginger and Rosa is out in cinemas this week.

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