Tim Burton talks about bringing pet project Frankenweenie to the big screen

Tim Burton has revived his own dead dog tale, Frankenweenie, for a stop-motion animation film that some critics are calling his best work in years.

The director’s original Frankenweenie was a 30-minute short that he did in live-action for Disney in 1984, before his career took off.

Like the new version, it was about a boy who sets about to use science to reanimate his dog after it dies.

The new movie features voice acting from Martin Short, Catherine O'Hara, Winona Ryder and Martin Landau.

Frankenweenie comes in black and white and 3D. Burton explained his reasoning behind the unusual colour choice.

"Well, it was very important because again its roots are based on those old horror films, and that was such a part of the feel of them,” he said.

“It was important in this to give the feel of those films, I mean there's a lot of references that most people, a lot of kids won't understand. But I try to make it so you won't have to know the references, try to give the flavour of those films – and also just the stop-motion, black and white, and the 3D elements, those seemed like a strong combination that I was very interested in seeing."

Like most Burton films, Frankenweenie features a heartfelt story and a host of intriguing characters. And according to producer Allison Abbate, that's part of Burton's charm.

"No matter how macabre, how spooky, or how out there his imagery might seem, the heart of the movie is so prominent and so sweet and good, that is why I think audiences far and wide come to his films,” she explained.

  • Frankenweenie is out in the UK now.