Daniel Craig on Skyfall: I wanted to go back to original James Bond novels

Daniel Craig is very clear about what he's trying to do in the latest James Bond movie Skyfall. He wants to continue a journey back to the original Ian Fleming novels that inspired the 007 franchise.

He said: "If you go back to the books, he's so conflicted and he actually does, he struggles with it. I mean, Fleming struggled with it.

"He tried to kill him off and he got angry with it; he got annoyed with the character.”

Craig added: “We haven't tried to self-consciously make him more emotional, it's just the story we're telling is an emotional story. That's the one we're involved with.

“I don't try to humanize him in any way, I just think the deal is to try and make him as real as possible within the structure of a Bond movie – because that's what it is, we can't ever forget that. And to make it as engaging as we possibly can."

Along with continuing to show a more personal, tortured Bond, Craig says Skyfall brings back some of the Bond gadgets that fans have grown to love over the years – everything from those shaken, not stirred Martinis to his Aston Martin sports car.

"They're kind of there for the audience, mainly they're there because we think they're cool," he said. "They're part of what makes a Bond movie a Bond movie.

“Without them, you know… I know that we did Casino, Quantum, we arced away from that for a reason, so we could reclaim them – and that's what we try to do in this movie."

Dame Judi Dench – who reprises her role as M – says the film creates background and substance for most of the main characters that adds a depth to the Bond series.

She said: "I think it makes you perhaps understand about them and about their actions, so that things aren't just spectacular and you don't know the background of them.

"You know, as actors we work out a background for ourselves as a person, so that you know the kind of person and how they would react to certain things. But this is actually spoken about in the film, this is shown in the film, that things have happened in the past that have been not easy to forgive or to forget."

Javier Bardem stars as the villain in Skyfall.

"Skyfall combines a little bit of the old classic Bond movies with the more advanced idea of things have to change; renovate," said Bardem "That's one of the themes in the movie.

“That has to be implied in every character. And in my character, what we try to achieve is bring a little bit of the flavour of the old classic Bond villains into him without losing the present times. And I think the whole movie is touched by that flavour of the old and the new."

  • Skyfall opens in the UK on October 26.

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