Aaron Paul expresses bemusement at ‘cost-cutting’ Breaking Bad delay

As it turns out, splitting the fifth and final season of acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad into two parts has not only baffled fans of the show, but also one of its stars.

Two-time Emmy Award winner Aaron Paul has said he was especially confused since the second part doesn't air until next summer – when it would be considered the sixth season.

"Exactly. Can I tell you? It's because Sony is trying to save money," Paul explained passionately.

"We got picked up for 16 episodes; they were going to shoot eight and then eight. But we are supposed to be given a minimum of ten episodes per season."

Even the shooting schedule shares parity with making a new season worth of episodes.

"I start shooting the show in the end of November and then we'll finish that the end of March, and that will air in July," Paul confirmed.

"So they're like you have your minimum of ten, which is 16. That's the only reason that they're calling it Part 1 and Part 2.” However, he added: “But they didn't get away with it. They didn't get away with it. They tried. It was a valiant effort. Good job Sony.”

Regardless of the business, Paul loves the time he's spent on the show and said he's been hooked on the idea since he saw the opening scene.

Besides Breaking Bad, Paul has a new film out called Smashed, which has been drawing strong reviews.

Co-starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it's about a young married couple who are deeply in love and also alcoholics. When the wife decides to get sober it highlights the dysfunctionality in their relationship.

"When I first read it I was just blown away,” he said. “I was telling myself I didn't want to do anything along the lines of any sort of addiction, because of what I'm working on now TV-wise, but I just read this and I just thought it was so honest.

“I really related to all of these characters and I just I had to fight for it. Just loved it."