Josie Long gets set for Romance and Adventure in Scotland

Josie Long has made her name over the past few years as one of the top comedians in the UK, nominated for the main Fosters Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe for each of the past three years for her shows.

The 30-year-old comedian has also appeared on TV shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats and Skins (which she also wrote for), while presenting a Saturday morning show with Andrew Collins on BBC 6 Music and making plenty of other radio appearances.

Now she’s coming back up north to Glasgow to make short film Romance and Adventure (the title taken from her comedy show this year), which she has written and will be filmed in and around the city.

Josie and the film-makers are using crowd-funding site to raise the funds necessary for its production – with everything from funder credits and DVDs to handmade T-shirts and comedy shows on offer to backers. (Find out all about their pitch, and how to back the project, on their page.)

We caught up with her while she was in Glasgow to work on the film, and also to promote previous short film Let’s Go Swimming, which was shot in the city earlier in the year and worked on by many of the same team.

She said of Let’s Go Swimming: “It was quite a good introduction to it for me, because I was writing it for myself, and because in the first film it’s about this woman who’s really lonely.

“She’s desperate for company, so most of it is her and her thoughts, with little interspersed bits where she’ll be clinging on to strangers who aren’t that interested.

“We used quite a lot of little voiceover bits that I was able to write in my stand-up voice, so then it felt quite natural as a way of writing the film. It was writing a character that was sort of like me, and using my stand-up voice because that felt like I could write it honestly, and it felt authentic to me.”

Josie continued about Romance and Adventure: “This one’s been a lot more of a challenge, I suppose, because it’s all about these two people mucking around and having conversations.

“It’s a sad comedy about two flatmates who have a have a lot of fun, but one of them is very upset, and one of them is a bit of a nihilist,” she said, before joking: “Which is fun, right? That’s what people want to watch!”

She spoke about writing the film for Glasgow, and explained of using Sponsume: “What’s great about Let’s Go Swimming is that we wrote it in March, and filmed it in April. [Director Doug King] basically edited most of it by about May, and that felt such a quick process, and really vital and exciting.

“When you’re trying to get funding by big people and big places, they want input and they often drag out the idea – and often it’ll kill an idea that’s otherwise quite full of energy. We really wanted to be able to make this soon, independently and on our own terms.”