Skyfall producers explain why James Bond faces biggest challenge yet

It’s now been 50 years since the release of Dr No – and as Daniel Craig brings Bond back to the big screen, we found out how those behind the scenes are keeping 007 shaken but not stirred.

Skyfall sees Craig joined once again by Judi Dench as M and as her past comes back to haunt her, Bond's loyalty to her is tested.

After so many Bond adventures, villains, weapons, Bond girls, fast cars and epic locations, long-time producer Barbara Broccoli provided her insight into how they keep the Bond movies feeling fresh and original:

"Well it's a challenge, after fifty years it is a challenge to keep him interesting," she admitted. "I think the first thing is that we have to come up with a great story, which I think we have with this film.

“We have a great villain and Bond is up against not only a big villain but also a lot of his own personal inner demons.

“I think Daniel Craig's portrayal of the character has allowed us into his inner life, and I think it has made it very interesting, so this story is very challenging for him emotionally and physically."

Craig is working this time with his Road to Perdition director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) on the director's first attempt at directing Bond.

Broccoli talked about how Mendes took to the challenge, and revealed the particular merits that the established filmmaker brought to the franchise.

She explained: "Well he is an extraordinary director, and he certainly worked a lot on the screenplay with us and then bringing together a tremendous team.

“Roger Deacon is the cinematographer who is legendary and the film looks absolutely beautiful. It is beautifully designed in every aspect, and also in terms of the casting.”

Broccoli added that the Mendes name allowed the Bond team to have the pick of the acting elite: "Fortunately the script there are some great characters, but I think having Sam as the director meant that we got every actor that we wanted.

“Every number one choice we had we got, which I think is pretty unusual.”

Skyfall opens in the UK on October 26.

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