STV Trailer Park: with Skyfall, End of Watch and Bullet To The Head

So, the latest James Bond film then – and is anyone not looking forward to it?

It was a masterstroke to get renowned director Sam Mendes on board for Skyfall, which looks set to inject some swagger back into the indefatigable spy series.

Daniel Craig looks settled in as Bond, now adding some more of the suave louche charm we had come to expect from 007 before the gritty Casino Royale, as the British agent comes back from the dead to take on villain Raoul Silva (the excellent Javier Bardem lumbered with another dodgy haircut).

With spectacular visuals and action screamingly apparent from the trailer, all that’s left to do is cross our fingers that it doesn’t resemble the confused mess that was Quantum of Solace. (Release date: October 26)

End of Watch has managed to do very well indeed in the US, hitting number one over their with its “found footage” take on a pair of young police officers who find themselves in the firing line after crossing the wrong people.

It feels like a while since we last saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the big screen, and Michael Peña should provide a more than adequate partner to hold attention even while handheld video cameras shake so much you might think the story’s taking place during L.A. earthquake season. From the writer of Training Day, expect fireworks. (Release date: November 23)

Bullet To The Head sees Sylvester Stallone as a sensitive poet suffering a crisis of confidence as his life falls apart, a Belle and Sebastian soundtrack accompanying his fragile philosophical musings while he discovers that sometimes, when the chips are down, all you need is... TO KICK ASS. (Admittedly, apart from the first seven words and the last three, that entire paragraph was lie upon lie. Still, perhaps a decent idea for The Expendables 3?) (Release date: February 1)

Right, let’s move quickly for the last three. Keep up!

  • Sightseers – By the director of the acclaimed Kill List, this blacker-than-black comedy about a dream English caravan holiday looks absolutely brilliant (and quite unlike anything else you've seen recently), with Alice Lowe on fine form. One to watch out for. (Release date: November 30)

  • Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters – This camp-looking mythic monsters romp has been delayed from release for yonks. Perhaps it's because Jeremy Renner was about to become more of a star after The Avengers, and movie bosses reckoned they'd be better able to cash in on that film's success, or maybe it's just because it looks like a spiritual successor to the awful Van Helsing. You be the judge. (Release date: March 15.)

  • And finally, Paranormal Activity 4 By this stage I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe Jack Black stars as the ghost in this one? Anyway, cheapo static camera shots ahoy, plus people standing still in bedrooms for a while in an attempt to look spooky. Thrilling stuff. (Release date: October 17)

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