Christopher Walken and Colin Farrell attend Seven Psychopaths premiere

Acting legend Christopher Walken attended the Los Angeles premiere of his new film Seven Psychopaths this week, causing lots of excitement amongst his co-stars.

Australian actress Abbie Cornish, one of few females in the film, said she can't believe she is in a film with Walken.

"Amazing cast. I am big fan of all of these guys," she revealed.

"I was a fan of [writer-director] Martin McDonagh from In Bruges, and his plays.

“Sam Rockwell is one of the best actors of his generation and Christopher Walken, I can't believe I am in a film with him. Colin Farrell is amazing, and Woody Harrelson is off the hook, so it's all very exciting."

Co-star Sam Rockwell also gushed about the iconic Walken: "He is great.

"We did a play together so we knew each other. He’s wonderful."

Hilariously, Rockwell and fellow co-star Colin Farrell wore matching T-shirts with Walken's face sketched on them to the premiere. When asked about the story behind the funny T-shirts, Farrell struggled to remember.

"I don't know if Sam (Rockwell) got it made, or if I got it made,” he said. “I don't know what happened.

“But I know there was all these paparazzi around the set one day and one of us sent out to have them made, so the paparazzi could see Christopher Walken's face on our tits.

“You know you get bored in life.”

According to the director, the film's story is quite complicated.

"It's about a screenwriter who is trying to come up with a story called Seven Psychopaths, but not being able to,” McDonagh explained.

“At the same time a couple of his friends, who are dog kidnappers, get him involved in a very psychopathic, hilarious but dark situation.”

  • Seven Psychopaths opens in the UK on December 7.