Award-winning composer Giles Lamb helps grace Glasgow with Dazzle Of Fog

(The track in the video above is Lost, from Lafoden's upcoming album Before The Birds)

Acclaimed for his work on last year’s Dead Island video game trailer, Giles Lamb (aka Lafoden) has teamed up with Alex Smoke, James Anderson, Niall Walker and visual artist Florence To for a very special event at Glasgow Film City tonight.

They are providing specially commissioned audiovisual pieces for Dazzle Of Fog, interpreting a cinematic experience through the use of immersive sound and visual mapping techniques.

Glasgow-based Giles has been an award-winning composer for TV, film and games since the late 90's, and is a co-founder and director Scottish sound company Savalas.

His projects have won a number of awards, most recently, a Cannes Golden Lion for the amazing Dead Island trailer, which also won best music at the inaugural Music and Sound Awards.

Giles is also gearing up to release new album Before The Birds under his artist name Lafoden, and has talked to us both about that and this evening’s very special event.

Hi Giles, tell us more about what's planned for Dazzle of Fog on Saturday

The event is a series of live installation performances at Film City Glasgow this evening (Saturday September 29) from 6pm, with the first live event scheduled for 7pm.

Originally conceived as a live cinematic event exploring the sensory paradoxes of our environment, we wanted to go beyond the confines of the traditional cinema setting and bring film, music and sound together in an engaging and innovative way.

Using ambisonic surround sound techniques, sculpture, live music and projected film we commissioned some really exciting artists who were inspired by the venue and the environment – with what we hope are mind-blowing results.

There will be four events in three spaces, playing through the evening with a bar. One of the venues is Savalas's studio, whose day job is a film sound studio.

What have preparations involved for the event?

We commissioned Konx Om Pax, Alex Smoke, Florence To, Rob Kennedy, James Anderson, Niall Macdonald Walker and Lafoden to create the four pieces.

We looked at a number of spaces including a traditional cinema but found that technically is was a real challenge.

Film City was a natural choice, home to Savalas who are behind the project and a hub of creative activity. The building is really inspiring, a mix of old and new ideally suited to the work we are presenting.

What can those coming to the show expect?

Expect to enjoy something different not art, not music, not film but all those things combined. The events are relatively short, allowing people to see everything over the evening and enjoy a drink in the Film City cafe.

Tell us about your background in Glasgow, and how it's helped shape your work

I am a co-founder and director of Savalas, Scotland's largest sound company. I have always been inspired by how music and film come together and as a composer always looking for interesting projects to work on.

Sometime the constraints of TV and film Soundtracks are frustrating, and this project allows us to really do something different.

Was there much difference scoring for a video game trailer as against other film/TV work?

Game trailers are fun to do and tend to be a bit bolder in terms of the approach and attitude. Film often is more conservative and eventually they will catch on that if everything sounds the same then they are not going to grab the audience!

What can you tell us about new album Before The Birds?

The album was partly inspired by the Dead Island trailer and is probably the most coherent collection of work I have done.

Jim Hutchison who runs Hum+Haw, and is behind the amazing electronic artist Alex Smoke, really helped guide the process and pull it all together. He’s also producing the Dazzle of Fog event.

When you have spent 15 years working to commission, it takes a lot of focus to to do your own thing. I am happy with it and look forward to getting in out there and moving onto the next thing.

Finally, what else do you have lined up - and when/how will we be able to get our hands on the album?

We are hoping Dazzle of Fog will evolve into a regular series of events and plan on releasing DVDs and music, as well as a regular podcast featuring innovative new artists and projects. Watch this space...

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