Acting stars name their favourite James Bond

Scotland’s Sean Connery and Daniel Craig have topped an unscientific poll of Emmy-nominated actors asked to choose their favourite James Bonds on the brink of the film series' 50th anniversary.

A blast of Bond celebrations have preceded the actual anniversary, 5 October, the date of the release of the first major Bond feature Dr. No (which hit cinemas in 1962).

Absent from the celebration is Connery himself, who "is and remains retired," to quote his publicist.

Nevertheless, Connery topped the beloved Bonds in a list gathered at the Emmy awards performers’ reception.

"Sean Connery, because he was the first," noted Downtown Abbey actor Jim Carter.

"Sean Connery, because he was the best”, added Downton co-star Brendan Coyle, though he added: "Daniel Craig is fantastic."

Hugh Bonneville chipped in, and joked: "Daniel Craig, because he might give me a job.”

Downton actress Michelle Dockery went with Craig, too: "Because he's gorgeous.”

Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch said he was eager for the upcoming big-screen Bond starring Craig, Skyfall.

"Connery and Craig are my two favorites," he noted. "And they are so different. What Daniel has done with it is so remarkable.

“I can't wait to see [Skyfall]. I mean, to see the sizzler, it looked like they were reinventing the wheel. I think it's going to be a really exciting film."

Mad Men actor Ben Feldman was the only actor to mention the actor who revived the series in the '90s: "Is Pierce (Brosnan)... is that lame? Is that a good one?"

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