Can Mike Newell’s new adaptation hold up to Great Expectations?

Director Mike Newell brought his new film Great Expectations to the Toronto International Film Festival for its world premiere, alongside star Ralph Fiennes.

It's the latest version of the Charles Dickens' masterpiece, and Newell gushed about his star and the writer too.

Newell explained why he admires Dickens: "Partly it's his sense of humor. He has this very big, broad sense of humor. You could look at the stuff and say, 'Whoa, that's over the top,' but it isn't for Dickens.

“He would have been an actor if he hadn't been a writer, he would have been an actor, and he'd have been great at it. He's got this tremendous sort of performance energy behind him.”

As for Fiennes, here's what Newell had to say: "It's my second time with Ralph, once I cast him as Voldemort and now with this guy, who's not exactly a villain, but he's not the easiest guy in the world.

“There are some people that you have a very particular kind of harmony. It's not explainable, and that's what I have with Ralph. And I can't explain it. But we adore one another."

Fiennes stars as Magwitch in the film. Newell previously directed him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Fiennes was late to the carpet, so he wasn't able to talk to the press. But he did have this to say about Dickens as he was rushing into the premiere: "Dickens is the great humanist writer of all time."

  • Great Expectations is released in the UK on November 30.

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