Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper talk pedicures & The Place Beyond the Pines

The high-profile actors have talked about their latest movie, and their ‘sexiest men in the world’ statuses – though for those who fear film spoilers, beware that Ryan’s on very revealing form...

One day before the drama they star in, The Place Beyond the Pines, was sold to Focus Features at the Toronto International Film Festival, actors Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling sat for an interview to talk about the movie.

Gosling promptly began by giving away a key plot point.

"I agreed to do it before I knew that I was going to get killed off in the first act," he said.

"Before even Blue Valentine, Derek (director Derek Cianfrance) and I were having dinner and I was telling him about my fantasy about robbing banks and how I would do it.

“He had just written a script that was the exact same thing, so I said ‘I'm in’. Then years later I got the script and, you know, he forgot to mention that I'm not actually in the movie."

Asked whether it's harder to act in comedies or drama, Cooper went on a riff about the musicality of acting.

"It's all rhythm,” he said. "And comedy has a rhythm, so does drama. It has to work, it has to be musical.

“You can feel it when you're in the groove with an actor doing a scene. You can just feel it if you're playing the same, you know, a song that's complementary to each other.

“It's all rhythms, it's just a different, modulating a different rhythm, comedy and drama. But it's all the same thing. There's zero difference. I never understand that when people say comedy's harder."

Gosling, meanwhile, cited a scene in the film that is intended to be dramatic but that he found funny.

He explained: "The best is when Bradley, I'm sorry I keep talking about this but it's the greatest, when he like wakes up in the hospital and he like starts pulling the tubes out and they're yanking on his lip, and then they tell him not to do that and he says sorry and starts crying.

"That's, no one's ever comes into a movie like that. That's the best entrance. And then he ends with a fly on his face... A mosquito's sucking on him, he's crying and he's got a gun in his face and there's a mosquito the whole time. That's the greatest bookend that's ever happened. Show me where that's happened. You can't. That's funny."

The Place Beyond the Pines, which received a standing ovation at its Toronto International Film Festival premiere presentation on September 7, explores the consequences of a motorcycle rider's fateful decision to commit a crime to support his child.

The incident leaves him targeted by the police and the two men - Gosling plays the motorcycle rider and Cooper the cop - set off on a collision course which has a devastating impact on both of their families in the years ahead.

Cooper and Gosling were happy to talk about the film, but hemmed and hawed when asked their thoughts about Cooper being named People's Sexiest Man Alive last year, much to the dismay of Gosling's loyal fans.

"How much time did we say was left?" asked Cooper, looking at his watch.

"What is this, a slumber party?" laughed Gosling. "I feel like we should be getting pedicures and watching Beaches if we're going to have this kind of a conversation."

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