Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fischer and Lizzy Caplan get their Bachelorette party

The female stars of The Bachelorette have talked about the raunchy new comedy, which is looking to follow the success of Bridemaids.

Actress Rebel Wilson stars as the bride-to-be, with Fisher, Caplan and Dunst playing Wilson's bridesmaids who embark on a wild adventure the night before her big day.

"These characters were really complex,” Caplan said. “When you read the script, you knew it was going to be really fun to make this movie, because of how crazy everyone got.”

Director and writer Leslye Headland explained: "I wrote this film because I had written a play, and Adam and Will had come to see it in New York. They really liked it and encouraged me to turn it into a film.

“I just thought it was a great opportunity to write some female characters that were as authentic as I could write them. If they were funny, great. If they were dramatic, awesome.

“Honestly, I did it to get laid ultimately.”

Kaplan said comedic roles like these don't come around very often in Hollywood. But with the success of films like Bridesmaids she hopes things are changing.

She added: "You don't read too many scripts as a girl who wants to comedies, where you get to get in the mud.”

Meanwhile Dunst, who shot to fame in comedic roles like Bring It On, was already a big fan in Fischer, wife of comedian Sasha Baron Cohen – and the feeling was mutual.

Fischer said of the experience: "I love that it was shooting in New York, while my husband was shooting The Dictator. I love that it was at night, so I could be with my kid during the day.

“I really thought that Lizzy was hilarious. I always have been obsessed with KikI, I mean Kirsten. I love all of her movies. I just thought this was going to be a fun team of people.

“Yes, our characters are unpleasant and unlikeable. But I think there is gravitas to this material and interesting."

  • The Bachelorette opens in the US from tomorrow, with a UK date to be confirmed.