STV Trailer Park: with Lawless, Seven Psychopaths, Man of Steel and Looper

Ah, Tom Hardy – was there ever a time when women didn’t swoon over you? (Well, apart from when you were in Star Trek: Nemesis, I guess.)

Even wearing a cardigan for Lawless, he appears to give the sort of broody performance that may well see him steal the film from under the noses of Shia LaBeouf – though Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce will no doubt stake their own claims in gleeful villainous roles.

Coming from the pen of Nick Cave and under the directorship of John Hillcoat (The Proposition, The Road), this gangster western oozes quality and with any luck should light up the box office this weekend. (Release date: this Friday)

If you are afraid of old sweary words, then you are advised to avoid the trailer for Seven Psychopaths above – but if you do so, you will miss some fantastic cussing from Colin Farrell and (best of all) Christopher Walken.

Writer and director Martin McDonagh debuted on the cinema screen with the brilliant In Bruges, so expectations are sky-high for this follow-up. Boasting a great cast and seeming just as unwilling to stick to any single genre, the trailer hints at another sterling effort – as others have noted, he seems to get the sort of performances out of Farrell which makes you wish the pair could be glued to each other. (Probably linked by a long piece of string, otherwise the acting and directing might become a tad tricky.) (Release date: October 12)

Just in case you missed it, here’s the mesmerising first teaser trailer for Man of Steel, which looks a world apart from Superman Returns – and a big departure from Watchmen and 300 for "visionary" director Zack Snyder.

The fantastic real-world cinematography brings to mind the likes of Terence Malick, with rousing narration from Kevin Costner as Pa Kent. With the best part of a year to wait, anticipation is only going to get higher, with the guiding hand of producer Christopher Nolan also causing further excitement. (Release date: June 14 2012)

Finally we have Looper, my most anticipated movie of the month – a fascinating-looking time-travel tale directed by the extremely promising Rian Johnson (The Brothers Bloom, Brick).

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the younger Bruce Willis, and Bruce Willis as an older... well, you guessed it, the premise is great, and apparently the film goes off to places you would never expect. (Perhaps unless you’ve been told never to expect it.) The only slightly off-putting factor is how much Gordon-Levitt’s make-up as Willis will stand up, but the way the young actor carries himself – and the voice – do a great job of making it feel as though both are playing the same character. Hopefully this will be something rather special. (Release date: September 28)

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