Keanu Reeves talks about return of Bill and Ted for third film

Keanu Reeves has talked about plans to revisit slacker icons Bill and Ted some 20 years after the second film – with a “really good script” in place.

The Matrix star says he and Alex Winter are ready to make a third movie about the time-traveling Southern California dudes last seen in theatres in 1991.

Reeves said: "The story has some reach. There's some time-traveling. We're not straying from the source material."

He is currently promoting Side By Side, his documentary about the transition to digital filmmaking in Hollywood.

The actor said in an interview that screenwriters have finished a script for an untitled third movie that revolves around music.

The 47--year-old Canadian continued: "One of the premises of the movies is that the guys were supposed to write the song to save the world. And they haven't written it.

"So the pressure of that -- like, what do we do? We have to write the song. We can't write the song. So they go into the future to try and find out -- see if their future selves had written the song. And then adventure ensues because if we don't get it in time, then everything is going to end."

So far there's only a script -- no producers or studio have signed on to make it with Reeves. But he's hopeful.

"Yeah, we're trying, we're trying. We've got a really good script," he explained. "So we're out there hustling and bustling, trying to see if we can get it done.

“Making movies, it's a kind of alchemy. So we're working in there trying to gain some gravity to see if we can tell the story."