Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon talk about Wall Street thriller Arbitrage

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In the upcoming Wall Street thriller Arbitrage Richard Gere plays a deceitful hedge-fund manager who cheats on his wife and becomes embroiled in scandal involving the death of his mistress.

Though some reviewers have drawn comparisons to imprisoned Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, Gere says that's not what he was going for.

"I didn't think it was Madoff anyhow," explained Gere of his character Robert Miller. "The guy (Miller) is not a sociopath. He's not ... he's just not a sick person.

“This is a guy who has an unbalanced sense of himself."

In the film, Miller is in over his head, having defrauded his own company while attempting to pull off a major merger.

He's also desperately trying to hide his infidelities from wife Ellen (Susan Sarandon) while staying a step ahead of NYPD Detective Michael Bryer (Tim Roth) after a tragic accident leaves Miller's beloved mistress dead.

Sarandon said: "It's certainly about how money corrupts and the games that Wall Street plays that are probably immoral but considered par for the course.

“I mean, it does make you ask, if something is wrong, but everybody does it, is it then ok? And does the end justify the means?"

Turns out Sarandon and Gere have a long history together stretching over thirty years in New York City.

Sarandon explained: "We came to New York at the same time in the 70s. I remember Richard ... we had, have a lot still, mutual friends and he was doing theatre and Days of Heaven, with Brooke Adams, who is another close friend of ours.

“We all showed up in New York around the same time in the very beginning. So it's nice. We had a lot of real estate together. Our bedrooms backed up on each other for the longest time on top of a building downtown and we have houses near each other in the country and we keep circling. And he's just a really great guy.”

Arbitrage is written and directed by Nicholas Jarecki. It opens in the US next month.