Joseph Gordon-Levitt cycles into fast lane for Premium Rush

The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has played many roles during his successful career – and now he can add New York bike messenger to his resume.

The actor has explained why he wanted to take on the high-octane role in new action thriller Premium Rush.

Gordon-Levitt, who plays Wilee in the film, said: "Well I first read the script for Premium Rush when I was in the middle of shooting the movie 50/50."

"I was playing a guy fighting cancer whose body was giving out on him, and the contrast was really appealing for me, in the midst of that the idea playing someone who is really confident and strong in their body.

“Riding a bike around New York city all summer was a nice change of pace."

In Premium Rush, Wilee's day begins like any other - until he picks up a package that attracts the interest of a dirty cop. Trouble ensues as the police man chases Wilee through the city trying to retrieve the envelope.

While Gordon-Levitt did a lot of the cycling himself, he can't take credit for all the amazing stunts.

He explained: "The whole movie is on the bike, so I rode all the time.

“But there is five of us that play Wilee in this movie - me and four other guys. All four of them have their different specific skills on a bike and that's where the actions comes from in this movie, it's not special effects, it's not digital computer generated cartoons.

“It's real people doing crazy things on bicycles and its really fun to watch.”

The film also stars native New Yorker Dania Ramirez, who plays Wilee's love interest Vanessa.

She said: "Every time I had to walk to my agency I had to avoid the bike messengers. I got hit one time actually by a bike messenger, in New York City.”

  • Premium Rush opens in the UK on September 14.